Slowly getting my head around settings.
This was done with an engrave setting. 1mm deep

I would like if the letters to were more pointed at the ends.


How well did it cut? Is there some kind of metaphor for how smoothly it cut? Like maybe some material that a knife would move easily through. Maybe even a hot knife through some material? Food perhaps?


Haha, good one, took me a minute to get it!
Cut really well.


You use estlcam?

yes i did

Your estlcam skills are well above mine then. Great job

That’s because you’ve used ‘engrave’ - it’s drawn a line with the center following the edge of the letters. The width of the cutting bit adds thickness as it goes around the corners.

You could try using the ‘part’ tool to cut around the letters. That should leave the wood inside the cut exactly the shape of the original letters, with nice sharp corners.

Your text doesn’t have any sharp inside corners (like a ‘V’) but if it did you’d have to use a V-bit and the ‘carve’ tool to get sharp points. The carve tool lifts the V-bit to reduce the diameter of the cut.

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Thanks, it was a V bit i was using.