Let's try this again!

Got the beginning of the Lowrider started! CNC’d the platform out of quarter inch plywood, and bolted the plastic parts on. Need to get more bearings, I only have two left though…

That is how thick I have my cut piece as well. It might be nice to be a little thicker, you’ll have to let me know what you think.

The whole center section was kinda built to just be temporary but it seems to work fine so I’ll leave it as is for V1.

You might want to order that 1/8" collet for the 611. It took a few weeks for it to even ship, but it is totally worth it.

Good to know! Thanks!

Wonder if a piece of quarter or 3/8th acrylic would work?

3/8 would be perfect and just sink the screw heads…

Is the design available somewhere now and I’m just being dense, or is Barry doing a private alpha test?

Sorry Iforgot.

awww yiss

Let me know how I can help. At the moment I’m looking at that mounting plate and trying to figure out how I’ll mount my kress spindle to it. That’s a problem I have time to solve, however!

Awesome work!

Something like this would probably work.

Needs screw mount holes, and some way to attach a vac hose, but it’s a start.

Got the YZ mounts printed. Going to have to pick up some filament!

Hey Ryan, just to make sure I have this right. We need the following for the Z;

2X YZ mounts
2X corner x
2X corner xm
2X corner z
2X corner zm
4X full spacer

Yes, 99% sure that’s right. I have the table belt mount holder things ready to put up.

I’m using my ramps case on this as well, but I think I want to modify it so the lvd wires can come out of the side so people don;t have to buy an lcd extender kit. So if you have long lcd wires you might as well print one of those. If not give me some time to put up a modified version.

I had plans of mounting all the electronics between the plates, but I really like being able to easily get at the ramps and move the screen around.

The biggest hold up right now is the lcd mount. I use my lcd case but it needs a holster and that holster will need mounting holes in the side plate. After I get out today’s orders I’ll slam a redbull and see if I can finish this thing off.

They’re beautiful!
Google Photos

And the belt holders are done! Going to have to start ordering hardware soon!

Either your printers are fast or I am releasing things too slow…
Alright I will get some more up after I get something to eat. Lots of printing on the side parts…

Printer is probably fast. Printing .3mm layers at 50mm/s. 4 perimeters, 50% infill.

putting up the hose supports right now. Figured out what I am going to do for the electronics so I can finalize the sides now.

Hmm, wonder who that 1 download so far is?? :slight_smile:

Also, 2 of these right?