Let's see those STANDS!!!

Right now my MPCNC is sitting on top of a table saw.

I need to get it onto a more permanent solution. I’m debating whether to build it into the bottom of a table, or put it on it’s own stand with storage underneath.

I’d like to see what all ya’ll have done.

in my build thread at the bottom you can see the table I just built. To keep from re posting the pics again check out the thread.


Ok I finally got the $$$ and time to build a table for my MPCNC. I used Remix of Allted’s Simple CNC Table to make it parametric this help me so much! I also built the shelves separately and bolted it altogether. I added wheels this way I could move this heavy beast and also take it apart as it will not fit through any doors it is 48×48

The Hillman Group 190201 Hex Bolt, 3/8-Inch X 4-Inch, 50-Pack

The Hillman Group 830506 Stainless Steel 3/8-Inch Flat Washer, 100-Pack

The Hillman Group 180303 Pronged Tee Nut, 3/8-Inch by 16-Inch, 100-Pack

Rockler Screw-On Tee Nuts 3/8-Inch x 16 TPI, 8 Pack

Waxman 2-in Rubber Swivel Caster
Item # 235514 Model # 4031299NN Aisle 15 , Bay 1

ECHO: “*******************************”
ECHO: “** Cut 4 2×4 Legs 33″ Long”
ECHO: “** Cut 4 2×4 Top Ledge Lengths 45″ Long”
ECHO: “** Cut 2 2×4 Top Ledge Widths 45″ Long”
ECHO: “** Cut 2 23/32 Particle board Top Edges 48″ x 6″ Wide”
ECHO: “** Cut 1 23/32 Particle board Top Middle 48″ x 36″ Wide”
ECHO: “———————————————-”
ECHO: “** Cut 4 2×4 Shelf Ledge Lengths 45″ Long”
ECHO: “** Cut 4 2×4 Shelf Ledge Widths 45″ Long”
ECHO: “** Cut 2 23/32 Particle board shelves 48″ x 45″ Wide”
ECHO: “——————————————

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Well, here is mine:

It is fully adjustable, you can adjust the table height, even remove it if you need, the MPCNC can be lifted up or down if necessary, it’s easy to level, pretty rigid, it can move anywhere. It allows to do CNC milling, 3D printing and (maybe one day) plasma cutting without having to change anything except the Z axis and the table height, so basically you can switch from CNC to 3D print in less than 30 minutes.

I think it is a very convenient and versatile stand, I’m extremely happy with it.
Plus it is not particularly difficult to build and it is pretty cheap.

Dui, I’ll admit. Your’s is very impressive.

Lowrider sits on some 2X6’s.
Google Photos
MPCNC sits on some old kitchen cabinets.
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