Let's go Banana's

Okay recently iv been thinking of ideas for a 3d printer based on MPCNC. Saved up 300 quid ( $400). Brought everything i needed and still had half left so i fort what else i could do.

With Tinkercad being my new microsoft paint ,i went on thingiverse,saw what i liked and pasted it together. Any help with my design would be much appreciated, Just need a bunch of objective people to look at it and say what they would improve or change. Also any other ideas. please fire away.

The print head is a quad print head, with 4 volcano heat blocks, there slightly longer allowing for a larger diameter nozzle, iv got a 0.2mm which is my standard. a 0.4,0.6 (32% faster) and 0.8. this will effect the quality however. but as i will only be printing parts for projects, id much rather print on a 0.6 and knock 2 hours off a 7 hour print time.

This does mean however the printer will also consist of 10 stepper motors, squeezed onto a ramps board. Will power half the motors from a separate power supply, using the ramps only for the control signals.

Pictures below. Im still thinking about the paste extruder but heres the general idea, the syringe needle will be seated inside a enclosure allowing for it to be at the same level as the nozzle. Im also designing a encoder mount, for a large digitising arm i am wanting to make.[attachment file=“QUADHEAD.png”]
[attachment file=“PRINTHEAD.png”]

RAMPS can handle the three axis’ and two extruders. Looks like you only really need to add two more extruders. I found an add on board that give space for four more motors here. What you’ll likely find is that the software is going to be a lot tougher than it is for one or two extruder systems. Even the Diamond hot end requires customer software and it’s been active for quite some time now. You might be able to look at the Marlin code for a second extruder and interpolate to add support for four, but you’d also want to keep rolling in changes they make to the base OS in order to not have to redo the whole process each time they release a new revision.