Let's get this show on the Road

This all started over a year ago but I was adding on to my house and postponed the Lowrider2 build, I also have a few videos that I will try to post or link to, but for now here are some thoughts and pictures.

In my opinion the V1 Lowrider2 is one of the coolest kits I found, I wanted to build a CNC for years and had a few plans in my head but always got lost in the details.

With V1 I was able to order parts when I had the cash and take it step by step, which was a great help know I had the right parts.

It is well thought out and so fun to build as a DIY project, plus reading and watching videos is great, but getting hands on helped me get past the details that always stopped me.

Table from left over MDF and a few pieces of OSB, got the wheels from Amazon, and there are leveling nuts on the legs but you can’t see from the pictures.


Once the table was build and re-designed a few times I found some free slap-wall for a garage, Gladiator Gear Wall Panels, all I had to do was take it down and get it out of someone’s house, very cool and expensive.

I used it for my top and I need to come up with lock-down nuts because the gaps are larger than the usual T-Tracks.


Be very careful driving wheels in a grove, any slight misalignment and your Z axis will be way off. if you think you need a guide for some reason a block on the outside is better but I have found no rails needed whatsoever.


Thanks, I didn’t think about that, I will remove them and do without.
Is what you are saying because the wheels may not seat the same on both sides in the grove, raising the z more on one side and changing the angle of the router, just curious.

If all four edges are not perfectly aligned with each other that the wheels will jump in and out of the groove. On top of that if your table is not perfectly square, like perfectly, than the wheels (one or both) will have to come out at some point. If you do a guide rail, you only use one, not both sides.

It is hard enough to build a really flat table, add two perfectly aligned channels on top of that and it is just beyond difficult. My table is a bit smaller than yours (smaller is “harder” to align) and all my cuts have easily been under 1mm difference on the diagonals or large cuts and my table is probably 2-3 years old and has been moved. I have not needed guide rails, others can’t seem to use the table without it. Actually, I have had two tables now that did not need them.

One day I will find someone locally that requires guide rails and figure out what the issue is when that happens.

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Awesome info, Thank you, and I will follow your advice for sure. :+1:

Are the slots too wide for toilet bolts to hold in?


Yes, almost an inch, but those might work with larger washers, I’ll check it out. Thanks.