Lego Guy

A colleague of mine pitched me the idea to cut out a Lego Guy for her nephew that she then wanted to draw on with her plotter and fit LEDs behind it as an indirect lamp.
I said: no. Not going to happen. I am going to engrave it, fill it with epoxy and oil and wax it. We are not going to plot on my nice cherry wood!
So that’s what I did. She now only has to add the indirect lights.

Metabo DH330 for scale. :sweat_smile:


That looks awesome Phillip!

Question for you. After you engraved and filled with epoxy did you put it back on the CNC to surface it back flat?

I ask because I have done just a few epoxy items and that seems to be the only way I have found to do it. I do my engraving about 4mm deep then pour epoxy making sure to slightly overfill, then once hard I surface back flat. I have tried sanding it and I just dont have that level of patients lol. That epoxy gets HARD lol.

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I am 100% in agreement with this message.


I started the engraving at -1mm (as to have 1mm to plane away) and ran in through the planer after it had cured. I’ve got the same problem you have: Sanding takes ages. :smiley:


Ok good deal. So far all the things I have done have been too large for my 13” planer so I’ve just used my surfacing bit on the LR3 lol.

Thanks for the info!!

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Somewhere on here someone mentioned the smart idea of taking a spare router or the router out of the CNC, tape 2 blocks of 1 in ish thick blocks to the baseplate, and set the router depth just shy of the depth of the blocks. You’re basically surfacing the material but only the sections you need and by hand so you can go way faster. I’ve tried it a few times and it’s really convenient if you have a second router


My mind has just been blown to pieces! I hate sanding like the Tinman hates rain.

Why didn’t I think of this before!!

Yeah the surfacing works great. I asked incase @Tokoloshe had a different/better way that I hadn’t thought about yet lol

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I have often thought about using like a drill 6 inch disc (sanding) and run a pattern then move z very slightly then run again. (But never did it)


lego guy


Looks really nice! Well done!

Add two servos and have moving arms?

Everything is Awesome!

Looks great.

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Could you write something about how you use epoxi? Where do you mix the pigament?

I just put it together 1:2 and eyeball the amount of powder. :sweat_smile:

The colleague I made it for was so happy she not only gave me a little bit of money but sewed me a jacket with my workshop’s logo! This is so awesome!!


That is an interesting theory!

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Wow, that is an awesome thank you gift!

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Now with video:


I just saw it, when i was searching for Rmrrf, I was able to be your first like!!!