Leg length in relation to working depth

I cutted all my pieces of stainless according the calculator and went with the shortest z-axis, 70mm working depth. According to the calculator my tubing for the legs should be 57mm. Everything looks fine, but shouldn’t the legs have been higher? Right now the distance the z axis can travel, from all the way up to the floor is around 70mm. This would mean that I can not mill any piece of wood deeper than 35mm, since 35mm(or more) for the wood, plus 35mm for the bit will require the z axis to be at is highest, effectively halving my working depth.
It seems to me that the legs size specified in the calculator does not take mill length into account.
I can not get anymore stainless steel tubing easily, does anyone have an idea how I still can increase the distance from the frame to the wasteboard? (I havent made a table yet)


In the second pic here, you can see Ryan built the legs on a different piece of wood from his scrap. You can easily add a piece of 19mm ply to lift the feet up.

I can’t answer the question about the calculator, but I think you’ll be better off this way.