Leftovers ebay listing

Looking for a box of random stuff to add to your pile of random stuff?

Everything should be in functional condition, selling as is and used. This is all stuff that has been sitting on the shelf for the last year.

12v 20A powersupply

4 extruders, mk8, 0.5mm nozzle. All should work, took of functional printers, no promises.

Parts for a hot wire cutter, transformer, wire, dimmer.

4 proximity sensors

misc linear rails and t8 leadscrews.

2 new tb6600 drivers

spring balancer

v wheels

Arduino mega and ramps 1.4 parts box?

TFT parts box?


Illegal user App! Stop hacking. :smiley:

I just painstakingly sorted all my similar stuff (my parts bin is not as impressive). I did not consider just selling the lot and shipping it to someone else. I should go pick up some flat rate boxes and just see what fits.

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I could not just toss them, a lot of it works to some degree. eBay has high shipping but as long as I get shipping covered I am happy with anything above that. Sitting here collecting dust is not good.

I think that is a good deal for $10 to someone.

Last time the price actually went up a bit so that was cool. It funded me buying other stuff to try and someone got a heck of a deal. I think you should do it! Make sure to post a link I bet you have some off the wall gizmo’s.


Anyone using Solidworks?