LED neon light

Took a go at making a “neon” light made with LED flex rope. Cut the acrylic and engraved a pattern to follow on the lowrider.


That is Rad!

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Would have never thought to do something like that. Nice work!

That’s really cool. I need to look in to the flex rope. There’s a neon sign at a local bar I want to try to duplicate.

I have some of that stuff, but never thought about mounting it on acrylic. Looks great!

O M G…How did you wire that up? My wife would kill for one of those!!

@c00nphrog It’s really not too difficult, the led rope is 12v so it has a transformer that plugs into the wall and the splices are soldered together using clear insulated speaker wire, I think it’s like 18ga.


@Basstone18 Thanks for the info!! I was looking at the picture you had earlier and was seeing the caps on the different sections and was trying to figure that out. This last pic helped immensely!! Thanks again!

This is really a neat idea. But I am confused. What did you do to the acrylic? I can’t tell from the pic. Is it just a background for the light to be glued on?

Acrylic is just used as a backing. I cut the shape out and there is a channel cut into it to make aligning the led rope easy.


That would look neat as a back-lit plywood board and the light behind it. You’d definitely lose some of the detail that you’ve got there. I agree it’s a great idea and you executed it really well. Thanks for sharing!

I made a CENTIENAL sign for our town 100 year anniversary (July 28 22023) will post a pic as soon as I get a pic.
I added automation as I dabble in microcontrollers as well. Presently working on an AUTOMATED MARGARITA sign that has 7 levels of “margarita” in the glass that sims filling up, then a straw sims drinking the drink then the glass fills up again. I designed the circuit board and have several left over.


Here is a pic of the CENTIENAL SIGN I made.
the “cake” lights up with sprinkles and the candles light up as well