LED bedroom signs

It’s about time I finally post something I actually made with the machine…

We decided to make some Christmas gifts for the nephews. Milled out of 1/2" MDF and painted black.

Took some cheap remote control LED strips from Amazon and attached to the back with hot glue.


Looks awesome! Curious why you went with 1” mdf vs something thinner like 1/4” or 1/2 inch?

This also is helping me realize I’m overthinking/designing my cuts. I’ve so far been doing a lot of pocketing and I’d save some time by cutting through and using the relief as an esthetic.

Again looks awesome and you didn’t need to panic about your router catching fire :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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lol…sorry…that was a typo I didn’t notice… 1/2"

Great job!

Looks great @Michael_Melancon !!

Are those about 12" on the largest dimension? They look great!

The football one is 18” tall.

The Roblox sign is about 20” wide


And another one made for a birthday gift for my son’s classmate.

This one made with 1/2” plywood instead of MDF.

Just trying different material to see how the finish looks