Learning, trial and error (and fun!)

I’ve been putting my MPCNC to work trying to learn the ropes of CNC milling. Here’s a few of my first attempts…



I am seeing a little bit of “jumping” on the gantry though. Can any of you CNC ninjas take a look at this video and tell me if that seems like to much:

“Jumping” a bit

Is that excessive?



BTW In the near future I’m going to take a stab at making XZ plates out of aluminum for my upcoming LR3 build!


Seems like the core clamps are not tight. :scream_cat: The results are incredible though.


So is the greed lasered? Or what process, looks awesome!

Yeah, lasered and thank you!

BTW I only learned the dice game Greed (aka Farkle/Dice 10,000/Dix Mille) about 6 months ago but it’s really hooked me! It’s terrific fun with a group of people. I highly recommend it if you haven’t played it yet.

Farkle is addicting… I can attest to that.

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Yeah, make sure you don’t have any cracks in the core clamps.

Nice work!

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Just get in the habit of checking all bearings touch and there is no movement before each job. I do this as a preflight check regularly as nylock nuts can and do loosen up from time to time. After 2 years of heavy use, i have not found a crack.

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Thank you all! I will check the core clamps today after work!

I agree that it should be the case but I’ve had to replace 3. I started having multiple part failures, all from the same filament, so I assume it was bad.

The cracked cores produced similar movement as what was in the video and it was a little hard to diagnose since the cracks were not visible at rest. I finally found the problem when I manually lifted the core and I could see the separation.

Hopefully it’s just some loose bearings.

You mean Zilch? :slight_smile:

Greed is the best name IMHO.

Yep, very similar.

Here in central PA it also goes by Amish Dice by some people. It makes me smile to think of a couple of Amish farmers shooting dice onto a piece of cardboard behind the chicken coop!

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They look great to me !!

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I’m intrigued by the dinosaur in the room :slight_smile:. I haven’t done 3D contouring yet. I’ve only been using my Primo for four years. One of these days, I’ll get to it. I like your dust collection. Very nice work! I’m going to go learn Greed now.


It’s so much fun!

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