Hello, i’m currently buying parts for the MP3DP but i don’t know which lead screw to buy i know the pitch is 2mm but i don’t know how much is the lead 2 , 4 or 8 mm ?


that means 2 mm and 8 mm lead lead right ? i don’t want to make any mistakes buying the parts because i only have one chance, i’ve wanted to buy from here but the shipping is too much (i live in france) and i’m on a tight budget

I am unclear to which part you don’t understand. it is an 8mm diameter “T8” leadscrew 4 start, 8mm per rev, as stated. That is all the information you need.

If you buy the wrong one it is a simple fix in the firmware. But 99.9% of all T8 leadscrews are the exact same ones.