Lead Screw Sticks Out

I was thinking of cutting the lead screw shorter so it doesn’t stick out. I just worry that it might catch on something if I’m carving a 3d image into a block. I then decided that perhaps just replacing the z-axis conduit with something about 1/2 an inch longer might be better. I think I’m going to re-work the feet to be about an inch or 2 taller and I can use a corresponding z-axis length.

Is there a downside to making the machine a little bit taller? I figure it will give me more room to carve thicker source material.

Cut it, taller means less rigid, slower, ect.

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The calculator should have given you the correct length.

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I used the calculator and I built the machine based on those sizes. The lead screw is one of the integrated motor shaft kind and is 300mm. I’m guessing the instructions had a lead screw length that I probably overlooked.

While you’re at it, see if you can get that tool more up in the collet. It makes a massive difference. I only have like 1cm of bit sticking out, super stubby. Less resonance and a somewhat increase in rigidity

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