LCD Controller and Other Arduino based CNC

I have a cheap chinese CNC that uses GRBL and was wondering if I could use the LCD Controller Card Reader; flash the Arduino with RAMBO firmware and use that card?

You can only flash the rambo firmware on a rambo board. Are you switching the board or just trying to add an lcd to what you have?

More details will help.

I wanted to add LCD function to the current card.

I currently have an Arduino Nano with GRBL 0.9 on it. This controls a three axis “engraver” CNC.

I will be replacing the Arduino with a RAMBO Mini and LCD Controller that I just ordered from you.

My plan is to build a Lowrider in a few months and I will probably want to use the RAMBO Mini and LCD from this “learning” machine and put it on the LowRider.

It should work, you will just need to figure out the correct steps per millimeter in the firmware.

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