LCD 12864 case

Has anyone seen a successful print of this case? It’s not manifold and when I let Repetier-Host fix it it ends up weird, with missing holes and such. I know the overhangs are pretty nasty, but I like that it slides on the top of the printer without needing mounting screws.

Alternatively, have you a better suggestion?

I took a shot at fixing that with netfab & LCD_Cover_Solid.stl could not be fixed properly with that. I am not using the latest netfabb though. The problem with that STL file seems to be the text he added into the middle of the model. I added it to the Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.36.2 to see that. This slic3r seems to do a reasonable job of slicing it without doing a repair on it, but that text in the middle does not look like it will be readable. That LCD_Cover_Solid.stl I would rotate x180 or y180 before slicing it. Have you tried the Prusa version of Slic3r?

Yeah, Repetier-Host comes with the Prusa edition included and that’s what I’m using by default. I haven’t tried Cura on it yet, but I expect the STL is bad enough that it wouldn’t work either. I’m looking for an alternate.

Prusa seems to slice it alright. Don’t see anything funky, except for those top corner joint things, but they’re funky to begin with. I don’t see those printing well, but who knows, maybe they’ll do alright.