LASERS...I could use some info

The amount of laser questions is bugging me. I keep trying to add a laser info page and at least one link other than Jtech (I like the good option and the cheap option). The problem is Aliexpress “data sheets” tell us zero information that we need to know. I literally can’t figure out which cheapo to buy. I keep trying get frustrated and give up. I just want to buy one and give a link. I know how to hook them up for all three main types and how to do the firmware but I need to write a page making this very clear.

Jtech has the 12v capable board and that is perfect.

I am looking for links to lasers that you own and are using on the 5v ttl pins. 1W-7W, I don’t see a need for the giant expensive ones. I will write up a page after I order one and confirm it works.

I will add a 12V cheapo one if you can confirm the raster function works well. Meaning power levels are controllable not just pulsed.

A year ago i had read an article of russian guy who made 2W laser cutter. In the article he said that he investigated aliexpress and found good shop and the seller pretty polite, answered a lot of questions.

Link to the shop at beginning of the article


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Also later he wrote that he replaced the head with 5.5w laser

Which can, as he told, cut 4mm plywood with 3 passes (with air jet to cut point)

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I have several of the Banggood Eleksmaker 3.5 watt lasers and they’ve all worked fine for what I’ve needed. I usually get them on sale for $70 or so… they’re on right now for $65. I’ve always used them with the Mega/RAMPS1.4 stack… with the D9 fan pin remapped to pin 44.

Add Pawpawpaw85’s shroud/air-assist ( and it makes a pretty nice setup IMHO…

[attachment file=76492]

– David



Guffy that laser is discontinued.

David, I think that is a winner. I knew I had seen one around. I know that brand should be around for a while, the price is right, and if you have used a few of them I consider it verified.

That was easier than I expected. Thanks both of you. I thought this might take a while, I love being wrong (sometimes).


I have the same 3.5 watt [supposedly] as David and I am using a RAMBO 1.4 board. I don’t have a ton of experience with it yet, but it seems to work fine.

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I have a couple of drivers from Opt Lasers. Very well made and super user support.

The quality stuff is easy to use as there docs are complete, and correct. I was just looking for an import option. I hope to right up two of the ways to use a laser (5v and 12v), but I have to do it for so many boards that is the time consuming part. The quality stuff will be straight forward to adapt and we rarely see questions about those as is. The import stuff is the time consuming majority.

The one instruction set I have says pin 44 for Ramps…but everyone keeps trying pin 44 on other boards.

Just ordered from Endurance Lasers, picked up the 10w+ honestly have no clue what I’m doing so I should be able to ask LOTS of questions and hopefully provide for good info!

Hopefully next week!

I’m looking at purchasing a laser, this thread is just about the right time. I wanted to pull the trigger today. I’ll try and wait for the guide to be released.

I ordered the one above, should be here soon I hope.

perfect timing for me too. I just ordered the MPCNC comes Monday. I wanted to research how hard it would be to do a laser and here we are. I know nothing of lasers can you guys recommend a good place to start.

I have the 2.8W from jTech. Once I got the air assist figured out, it works pretty good.

I ordered a cheap-o 15W from Aliexpress, expecting to get something between 5 and 10W in reality. Instead, my order was placed on hold until I uploaded pictures of my credit card, drivers license and bank statement. Noooop. I got a 40W CO2 from Amazon instead. Merry Christmas to me!

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Season Greetings Gentlemen


I recently purchased one of these

After following Some Old Guy Coding on Youtube, to amend the firmware and finding out the TTL wires had been marked in reverse. It is fully controllerable and works very well.

[attachment file=“80660”]

Took 11 days to arrive from China


very pleased with it



Well I got the laser I ordered above. Tried to start testing it. The lens does not fit properly. It almost threads in but can be pulled in and out by hand. That just will not work to hold focus when the laser is moving for hours. I can’t see an easy way to fix it other than maybe some pipe tape but I can NOT recommend the laser I ordered.


I’m not at all clear as to which laser you ordered. I’ve had nothing but good luck with all the Eleksmaker lasers I’ve ordered from Banggood… a couple each of their 2.7w and 3.5w lasers. I’m sorry that yours is messed up :frowning:

– David

Im sure alittle PTFE tape would help tighten your lens



That is the bad part, if I could get it tight, it still can wiggle a bit. The focus really gets affected.

[attachment file=“IMG_20181226_095933~2.jpg”]
[attachment file=“IMG_20181226_095948~2.jpg”]

I also have the same one David mentioned. All I had to do was focus the laser so far. Although all I have done with it is etched the mirror, and made a test run on a piece of cardboard.

This post could not have come at a better time. I was just about to pull the trigger on this one:



I believe it’s the same as the 3.5w only a little more powerful. I’ll be watching this thread. I have the ramps board.