Laser: NEJE A40640 versus new NEJE E40 - thoughts?

Robert made one that slides into a makita mount and I made one that fits into a dewalt mount.

Mine works, but I had to cut the little tabs off. So I should probably do that in the model.

I’m not 100% sure this is the latest of Robert’s. But this is at least one version:

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I have a mount made to fit inside the makita holder. Let me know if you want me to dig it out of my digital pile of mess.

Recently someone here on the forum was investigating remixing my LR3 pen mount to repurpose it for laser. I don’t know if they succeeded. I could look for the thread, however… if you are interested in doing laser mounting without having to remove the router, here’s a link to my pen mount that he was using: Printables


Doug, that side-car mount idea would also allow simple multitool operation. For example laser etch some image over the part right after it’s cut with the router, without the usual tool change and zeroing work in between operations. I imagine there are some applications where that would be very useful.


@truglodite good points!

That was me!

I’m using your part A, but haven’t had time to fabricate the intermediate piece- literally a 2”x 1” rectangle Of hardboard with holes in it to attach to ‘A’ and the aluminum quick mount that come with the laser. Mock up worked, I just haven’t finished it as my wife is out of town for work and I’m single dadding 3 under 7’s

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That’s one reason I didn’t want to mount the laser in place of the router

Once I zero the router, I also know the absolute position of the laser- so a quick ‘send to’ in the console can have the laser spot directly over router zero position for layering laser over the router pieces


I tired that approach but the neje E40 and the a4060? Lasers have a focal length that necessitates 3-5mm above the workpiece, which can’t be achieved using a mount that goes inside the tool holder.

I’ve opted for a side-mount using @DougJoseph pen-mount part A available on printables

All I need to do is fabricate the small piece that bridges ‘A’ and the included laser mount. I plan to use a 2x1” piece of hardiboard or acrylic with the required holes to achieve that. Real simple.

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Sounds great! Sorry I could not recall exactly who it was. Congrats on the “dadding”! Real happiness found in dadding.

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That sounds great indeed! Wont the router bit colide with something since the laser has to be so close during operation? Any idea when the holder might be finished?

Hoping to finish it this weekend

I treat it like a tool change. Ill bring the gantry up to z home, then add the laser module on the quick release while removing the bit. Then do the necessary XY offset to get the laser dot over the original bit X0Y0. Then run the laser gcode

That’s the plan, anyway

I’ve been primary caregiver for the kids since wife gets paid way more than I did when I was a bio lab head. Prior to 2020, I’d do 1-2 weeks alone every 8-10 weeks.

I took a sabbatical in March 2020 to keep kids home from daycare during Covid. That clusterF ended up being 2.5 years and we just sent them back to school, against my wishes (I’m a virologist and vaccine designer and shot is far from over) so it’s been 2.5 years of homeschool and full time dadding while wife WFH.

When does the ‘happiness’ part start?

Kidding. It’s been rewarding on a number of levels, but definitely had its moments

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All I can say is enjoy it and relish every moment… it goes by too fast. I’ve got 3 over 13yo right now, one in college. If I could rewind time and have it all over again I would in a heartbeat. I’m actually jealous of you getting to be locked down with your kids at that age. You will see that as a great blessing as time passes, regardless how weird it all seems in this moment.


Well, our state never really locked down- this was ‘self-imposed’ because I’m a virologist and I know this crap is way worse than people are acting. Inised to literally write CDC public awareness notices, and I couldn’t keep doing that while they minimised what was happening. It would have been easier had the gov actually mandated masking etc so I could take them places, but whatever.

I didn’t mean to interject Covid stuff here: but it’s my reality. I have enjoyed a lot of it, but I’m also very sure I won’t be looking back at it like it was an amazing experience I should have enjoyed more. I enjoyed my job, and my life before Covid- what I’m living now is forced upon us by a crap pandemic response and a largely clueless population

Back to regular scheduling; rant over


@DougJoseph @Neilp I did the same, just a quick version for the mount that came with my A40640 kit, I can post the link once I am home if anyone is interested, I just made something quick so I could get to testing. Thank you both for the idea.

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@DougJoseph Also I haven’t tried the E40 but went with the 40640 and after just a few test runs
and playing in Lightburn I have decent quality so far, but I am pretty new in this realm buddy.



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Yes I´d love the link, please.
Do you have anything done where you´ve used both the CNC and the laser in the same project?

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YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!! That’s awesome

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Truth :100:

Have 16 and 20yr old. Ideally would’ve family planned to be locked down during a pandemic with 9-12yr olds. Old enough to wipe and feed snack themselves, but still young enough to be curious, open to influencing towards engineering paths. Still young enough to not ooze sass verbalized in Memes, with eye rolling enhanced scoffs.

Have 2 major regrets as a parent, 1) not spending more quality time with the kids, 2) giving them a ‘smart’ phone. Instead of trying to delay giving them a mind/focus rotting phone, despite the parental safety features. Wish I instead supported enabling and empowering them to make a phone (e.g. ESP32 + GSM). Ideally…

Kids: I want a phone.
Me: Sure thing, go make one. How can I help?

Look forward to seeing how laser build turns out!


Yeah- my kids were 4, 2 and 0 when pandemic hit. Now 6,4 and 1.25. (Started third round of IVF in feb 2020)

Not self-sufficient enough not to be a total time suck

0/7 don’t recommend