Laser lens information, specs and 4 pack (Endurance Lasers)

I have been away from the forums for a while but I have not been idle. Love the new forums so far. I have been playing with my 5.6 Watt Endurance Laser. I found some neat stuff that I wanted to share. Specifically this laser lens pack that you buy from Endurance lasers. Even if you are not in the market or you are not sure if their lenses will fit your laser they have a lot of great information about lenses that you may be interested in.

Here are some of my favorite takeaways.

  • Each lens blocks or absorbs some % of the laser power.
  • Each lens has a usable focal range but when they test they can also find an Optimal focal range

I will be buying this kit soon and testing the G8 (and the G2 on some aluminum). I am trying to cut Through some thin boards and not having great luck.

I should add that today Cyber Monday the lens pack is on sale for $95 with a regular price of $195.

Endurance lasers was the guy that had that spat with teaching tech: