Laser engraver and skr pro 1.2

I’m trying to hook up a cheap lil laser I had laying around until I can purchase a bigger better one. It’s got a yellow, black and red wire where would I plug this into the skr pro 1.2 board at? I would like to use the laser control functions on the tft screen loaded in the forwards as well. I’m using the dualaxislr firmware and the latest Marlin. Thanks for any help

Verify with the laser.

I would guess that red is +12V, black is ground, and yellow is PWM.

Red and black go to your 12V power, and yellow goes to pin PC9.

If those wires are not the way I think though, there is a danger you could damage the SKR Pro, and/or your laser.

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Red is 12v white is ground and black is pwm… I may have said yellow instead of white earlier and that’s my fault… So I plugged everything in and the black (pwm) into pc9 and everything works but the laser will only stay on for a brief sec then shut off

Weird that colour scheme…

The laser shuts off because a safety feature jn Marlin will shut off the fan if the machine isn’t moving.

How do u use the laser to make a design? I used eslecam laser feature, it made the gcode,I went to repetier host ran the code and all the laser did was make straight lives about. 01mm apart. No design nothing but lines

I’ve been using Lightburn, but have slso used Estlcam. I’m not using Marlin though, so YMMV.

That said, Estlcam pught to be able to move the laser, so the movement should be correct. I defined a tool 0.1mm dianeter, and usually choose the “Engrave” option, but at that diameter, the differences between Engrave, Part, and Hole are pretty small.

There are some thingsvthat need to be set up for the laser in gcode, but if you didn’t, you wouldn’t get any laser at all, I think.

I just got the jackpot cnc in the mail so I’m going to install it here shortly, do u kno anything about using the jackpot CNC and a laser? I’m selling them SKR pro setup and my ramps 1.4 setup if u kno anyone building