Laser Capabilities/Recommendations

I have an MPCNC primo build with an SKR Pro1.2 control and Bigtree tech display. I have ran it for several months now with a makita router.

I’m looking for advice on what size laser I can run with this setup and suggestions on a decent quality laser. Ideally one that could be mounted into the same 65mm router mount.


@83asher ,

There are several approaches to mounting the laser.

You can look a Doug’s universal mount that allows a Laser, Drag knife, or Pen to be attached to the existing core, alongside the Makita mount., there are several remixes available too.

Another mount creates a cylinder that is the same diameter as the Makita, and the laser is held in the center. It does require that you remove the Makita when you want to use the laser. This search turned up several more.

Withe regard to the laser model, several of us have put the NeJe laser modules on the machines. It is variously rated at 10-20W optical output. In which case this is a nice a easy print.

I’m sure someone else will come along with other suggestions as well.


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Thanks for the reply

I’m leaning toward the cylinder inside the existing Makita mount route. I’m mostly looking for what hardware I need in addition to my existing controller to run a laser. I read somewhere you have to upgrade a power supply to run a larger laser. id like to be able to cut 1/4" plywood with it. will 20W do that with no issues?

I don’t like swapping the tool that much. once I get the spindle trammed, I like to leave it alone. I have one of those mounts, and after initial tests, I put the router back in and once I trammed it, I never installed the laser again. YMMV.

If your control board has the PWM output (The SKR Pro 1.2 does via pin D9 IIRC.) then you basically need to enable laser mode, and use it.

Hardware wise, you need some sort of mount, and a way to get power and the PWM signal to the laser module.

NEJE lasers like the E40 or A40640 (I have both) have a little control board that takes those signals and sent them via a 4 wire connection tot he laser. The provided wire is short, so you either need to make up a longer one, or keep it close to the laser (This was my approach.) I chose a separate power supply for the laser. A 12V 5A power supply is perfectly adequate to the task. If you have more than 4A of excess capacity of 12V from your main power supply, or more than 3A from a 24V supply, you’re good for 40W of power to the laser. (If you’re going with 80W/20W optical, then you need 7A from the 12V or 5A from the 24V.) that’s leaving a little headroom, but that’s not a bad thing. I power the mainboard of my LR3 from 24V so I chose to run a separate 12V supply for my laser.

My CoreXY machine, I ran the whole thing from a 12V 6A power supply. That supplied the Bart Dring TMC2209 pen/laser board, the stepper motors and the laser all-in-one. Plenty of power from the one supply, so it certainly can be done.

If you want to cut, then the 40W (10W optical power) is pretty much a minimum, I would say. Even then, I think it’s not feasable without air assist. For air assist, you need some sort of air pump. An aquarium air pump capable of 65l/min is a little anemic, but does the job. Less than that is not much good. I would recommend something larger, myself. Costco had an air compressor on sale near Christmas, and I’ve been really happy with it for several air compressor uses, and it lets me keep the big compressor in the garage while the laser is in the basement. I still sometimes use the aquarium pump, because it’s adequate for engraving, and doesn’t blow light material away, but the compressor is better for cutting. Without air assist, there won’t be much difference cutting between the 40/10W and the 80/20W laser, because the smoke will interfere and diffuse just as badly with the laser beam. you’ll end up with a lot of charring and possibly flames before you cut.

So what you need:

  • Adequate power
  • Air Assist
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With the skr pro Board i used the a40630 laser His Focus ist Small you can Cut 4mm plywood 450mm/min 5 Passes price 120 bucks, powered over the skr Board Fan Pin and the pwm Pin the neje laser can Support 12or 24v, at the beginning i Had a mount for my Spindel snd laser at the same time but Changed to seperatet mounts.

Few of the more capable laser modules will fit the 65mm Makita mount. As an alternate suggestion (and what I currently do), build a second Z axis for the laser. I slip the router Z axis out, slip the laser Z axis in, and make a couple of connections and I’m done. My laser Z axis is manual (i.e. does not have a stepper motor). There is a slight benefit for laser cutting in having an active Z axis, but I’m doing fine without.

I have the NEJE A40640. It was one of the more powerful laser modules when I purchased it, but there are many more powerful modules now…with far more expensive price tags. I’ve done a lot of projects with my laser, and, other than wishing for more power, I am happy with it.


What i have Seen and Reading more diods laser have a worser Focus Point about a single diode i See IT Here with the a40630 vs the e80, i have the a40630 and the e80 for engraving the a40630 Performs much better because ITS quadratic finer Spot neje wright that the e80 have it too but no. the pros of the a40630 are that you are direkt wirring to the skr and Controll IT, fine Focus and the price the a40640 cost Double about the a630er the e80 4x price of the 630er yes much Power you can engrave anoid Aluminium and stainless stell without painting the 630er didint do that.

That is an interesting idea. I would have to figure out a different mount for my drag chain since its attached to the Z stepper.