Laminate Flooring Trivets and Coasters

I have a ton of extra laminate flooring for my downstairs renovation so I decided to see how it cut.

As a test I put a pot of boiling water on it for 15 minutes, didn’t make a mark! As a bonus the foam backing makes a good non slip/ non maring surface.

Used a sharpie on this one


Cool. And that’s impressive about the lengthy boiling water test!

I am going to tear up 150 sq ft of laminate tomorrow. Thank you for the idea as I will be building my mpcnc next week and free wood is always a good thing.

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That looks great, and I doubt you will be risking much either way. But water boils at 212F, and pans can easily get a lot hotter. Sugar melts at 375F and something coming out of the over could easily be 450F. I have no idea what temperature will be dangerous. Wood doesn’t ignite until much higher. But I bet it would char if you put something like a pot of caramel on it.

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