Lake Cribbage Board

Well the CNC work for this project is done, now just have to do the painting, resin fill the lake and learn how to play cribbage. :joy:


There’s always a catch, eh? :grinning:

Very nice looking board!


I agree. Nice job.

And I don’t know anything about Cribbage either. So beyond knowing it’s a game, I’m clueless. That said, it sounds like an excuse for you to have fun learning and playing on a beautiful board!


Cribbage is a deceptively fun game. It has a lot of rules and special names, but they don’t really combine. So it is simpler than it sounds.

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This has been a fun and challenging project. It’s the first hardwood cut on the lowrider. Several tool changes with a lot learned along the way.

Thanks for the compliments.


Looks great! What software is that done in?

Designed in Vectric Aspire.

Ive had my eye on that. It’s damn expensive though, have you found a hobby version anywhere or just went with the full blown program?

There is a desktop version I believe it’s called V-carve. It’s about 349.00! You can also use Fusion360 personal license for free!

Yeah I’m running fushion and SolidWorks on their personal licenses which works great but aspire seems to do really good grey scale image carving. I guess that’s what you get when you pay the big bucks :slight_smile:

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