Ladder Tags

Hopefully the engraving will work. Looks like I found a trochoidal setting that works with aluminum bar stock from Lowes.

1/8th 2 flute end mill. 1mm depth of cut 15mm/s x/y 10% trochoidal length 50%width .05mm oscillation.

I need to get into some more aluminum.

Not horrible, but not good either.
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Hit it with some black spray paint then sanded.
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Riveted to the ladder!
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You might try using a vbit for doing the letters if you didn’t already. I will see if I can find a video I watched a while back where a guy made a tag like this for a machine he restored. It came out pretty good on another small cnc machine, don’t remember which one though. Will post the link here if I find it. I am fairly sure he used a vbit and a climb cut.

Found it much faster than I thought I would.

Yea, that’s what I used. Think I was a little too aggressive with the depth. Next one I’ll try half a mm steps instead of 1mm at once.

Dude! The 45deg v-bits in the store work great! Much better then wood router bits.

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Hell yeah. Nice work! What are the dimensions of those letters? Curious how small they are or how small they could be cut.

The aluminum extrusion is 2 inches wide. Not sure the actual letter height. I just added text to the tag dxf and scaled until it looked good.

Finally finished it.[attachment file=43199]

I like it, my pops painted everything odd colors so he knew his tools from the rest, That is a much classier way of doing it.

If I only had a cnc back then.

Your dad is DIRESTA!!!


The funny part is this one disappeared for a couple weeks. We were on a construction job building the network and security camera systems. Then one day it came back. Contractor’s temp day laborers threw it on one of the trucks not knowing it wasn’t theirs. Contractor dude said he knew it wasn’t one of his when he saw it, none of his are 7 foot. It’s kind of an odd ladder.