First learned about the MPCNC at the Midwest RepRap festival earlier this year. I started printing the parts as soon as I got back home in Kalamazoo. I’ve always been intrigued by CNC but it always seemed out of reach. This was the perfect project for me since it combines my interest in woodworking, 3D Printing and computers.

I ordered the electronics and hardware from V1 within the last month. I have to say that is the way to go. I had a lot of fun building this machine.

[attachment file=63245]

It has a 24" x 24" workable area. I made the table just barely larger than the minimum for the size so my wires hang off the sides. I may have to redo some wiring…it all works but it seems the wire for the x axis seems a little short. I also bought the end stop kit which I haven’t installed yet. I’ll save that for a future upgrade.

I did buy the Smart Controller but have not gotten it to work yet. It beeps and blinks. From reading other posts, I may have to try shaving the keys and seeing if reversing the connection works.

Here is my first (well, second attempt really) crown drawing. On the first one the sharpie was jammed into the spoil board which blunted the tip. I figured out what I did wrong and tried again.

[attachment file=“20180707_143802 (2).jpg”]

First Crown Drawing

I also gave the crown a try with a ballpoint and I think it looks pretty good.

[attachment file=63247]

Since then I have been able to make a few more drawings. I even figured out how to convert .jpg and .gifs into DFX files for plotting.

[attachment file=63248]
[attachment file=63249]
[attachment file=63250]

Can’t wait to make the transition from paper to wood.


That looks sharp!

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Yes, super nice build! The pen plots look great. Flipping the connections will fix the screen, it took a while but the newest batch of boards do not have the plastic directional shields on the LCD ports. Being a small company it takes a little while to work through the funky stuff. Hope it isn’t too big of a hassle for you.

Welcome to the crew!

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It’s no problem with the smart controller. All part of the learning. It forced me to utilize the PC first as the controller which I think was better in the long run.


Got it dirty for the first time today. See video.

Have a little issue when first starting up. The y-Axis just stays in one place and rumbles. Once I move the axis back and forth manually it seems to be fine for a while. Only seems to happen when I have it unplugged for a little while.


I should be starting more simple with Estlcam. Trying to make an island in an island. Hopefully I’ll get if figured out for the next try.



Yeah! Looks great.

If you can’t figure out the Y issue I am sure we can help. Probably just a gcode thing.