Kobalt Router replacement brushes

Looks like it’s time for a new set of brushes on this Kobalt trim router. I can’t find anything specific. They say “FP” on the part, can’t find anything like that either, except maybe some specialized Hitachi part which is expensive and several weeks out.

I just ordered some likely-looking replacements based on the measurements, but wonder if anyone has a specific part to order?

the kobalt that just came out??? THAT WAS FAST!

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Yeah… Went to turn it on yesterday morning and nothing. I had just done an 8 hour finishing run and I think that injured it. Removed and cleaned the brushes, and now it runs but very rough.

It’s not exactly a high-quality, precision machine. Kobalt doesn’t make tools like that.

I spent $10 bucks on some brushes that might fit, but in the meantime went and got a Makita. Night and day. The Makita is smooth, holds its speed. I have accumulated a lot of routers over the years. DeWalt and Rigid are OK. For big machines, Porter Cable and Bosch are awesome. My favorite trim routers are Makita and Milwaukee. Everything else is crap.

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I am going to throw in the AMB spindles that are a hybridish mixture of router and spindle. :yum: