Kingston Ontario - First Build (up to motors)

First build complete, using

  • V1 Kit bolt + Rambo 1.4 kit
  • personally printed 3D parts
  • 611 plate 3d printed in PETG
  • Y plate templates 3D printed (in 2 pieces due to their size), then template routed out in 1/2" plywood.


Goals are to have the main plate serve for both a 611 router, and a detachable 7W JTech laser.

  • Waiting on the 611 router to arrive, and
  • 3D printing brackets to mount the JTech laser, but then have to sort out the wiring connections and firmware updates.

So to get my gotta-try-it-now printing fix, I masking-taped a Sharpie to the main plate and turned it into a low budget 1980s-era plotter. :slight_smile:

Low-res gif:

YouTube full resoluton

Some of you might recognize the LowRider Y-plate design.


I made a mount that hangs in my dust collector port. It isn’t interference, but it’s pretty tight and at the speeds the I move with the laser, there isn’t any detectable wobble


Nice! I didn’t think of mounting the laser into the dust port directly: that would have been easier in some ways. Follow ups on your photo:

  • Was the ampersand in that photo engraved with the laser? If so, very nice!
  • Also, I like the RAMBO controller box: I saw it or something very similar on Thingiverse and it’s on my print list as well.

For my install, this morning I just finished printing up a mounting bracket for the laser unit that could re-use the dust port mounting holes.

I enlarged the mount holes to 1/4" because I had the matching knob set; makes for easier switching than the tiny screws with nylon nuts.

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The & was routered out. I’m using the laser to mark the board where letters belong. Kind of a large sign with not-strait lines for some things. Helps make sure everything goes where it belongs.

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