Just getting started - very lost!

Hello everyone!

I am just getting started on building the MPCNC. Yesterday I went out and bought 20 feet of 3/4 " EMT Conduit and I’ve started printing all the parts. I am just confused on how I can determine what length of tubing I need to cut. According to the info on this website:
<h4>Cut list</h4>
3 Rails X = Usable Width +264mm (10.4in)

3 Rails Y = Usable Depth +264mm (10.4in)

2 Z Rails = Usable Height + 190mm (7.5in)

4 Legs = Usable Height – 13mm (.5in)

1 Lead Screw / Allthread = Usable Height + 76mm (3in)

Table will be 6.5mm (.25in) longer in each axis direction. (30in X rail will need a 30.25in table in the X direction)


I determined that I want my X and Y axes to 30 in x 30 in. I am not sure how to figure out how much Z-axis length I need. I will be using this CNC machine to cut foam board so I assume it wont be a lot?



Further down that page there are calculators that do all the work for you.


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If you are just asking how much should you use, 3"-4"

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I saw that, but I’m still not sure how to determine how much Z-axis length I’ll need. Do you have any suggestions for that if I would be using the CNC for cutting foamboard?


Edit: just saw your previous reply. Thank you! :slight_smile: