Just for fun in Fusion 360 - Cyclone Dust Separator

I’m more intereste in how it failed. It looks like the supports on the far side were down correctly and the first few layers printed. What happened to cause that end to not print while all the rest of the structures printed OK. This looks ike a slicer fialure/bug to me.

No, it was an operator failure - the first layer is one layer wide and then upwards at 45° from there. It didn’t look as though it should print at all the way I sliced it - I am away from home for a few days - if I remember I’ll reslice it and explain.

Guys, I am about to set mine up, and I need a little help on a question about axial load on the blower motor for the HF dust collector.

I saw a YouTube video that mentioned that changing the orientation of the blower motor from horizontal to vertical (as you all did) adds an axial load other than how the manufacturer intended, and could cause the motor bearings to wear out sooner.

I noticed many guys changing the blower motor to vertical, as all three of you all did:

So, is switching to vertical no problem and the video mentioning that was just being way too overly cautious?

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Mine has been vertical since the day I bought it ~4 years ago. No issues



No problems from mine. But I don’t use it much. Only when I have time in the shop.


Got it. Thanks!

Are you using this on a primo or LR? I read somewhere that these systems don’t work as well when the hose size is reduced and shop vacs may be a better option. I am worried about running a shop vac for a long CNC job, and I also hate the noise.

I am running mine with 4 inch PVC pipe overhead, and then for the last few feet from the pipe down to the LowRider, I have a 2 1/2 inch shop vac hose that is coupled onto the 4 inch port. I seem to be getting good service from it, and, if I’m doing any damage to the motor I am not aware of it at this time. I suppose that someone could argue that I’m shortening the life of the blower motor. However, it sounds fine to me when it is running.

If the concern is back pressure / cavitation, cracking another blast gate, either on the default splitter, or another trunk can relieve “starving” the impeller/ system of air flow.

Obviously it will need to be adjusted, open a second line somewhere too much and not enough air movement will take place at the desired location.

Just a thought

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My concern is more around it not having the necessary suction power with the smaller lines. I am building a dust shoe that reduces down to two 25mm tubes and then down to two rectangular x-sections that are 15 x 30mm. I think the issue I read about is the large blowers can move a lot of air, but maybe not achieve as high a vacuum pressure as a shop vac.

So yes, the shop vac style is high pressure, lower volume.
The “larger” dust collectors are normally low pressure, high volume. (There is an exception, but I’m sidestepping around that)

Being most people recommend above a certain CFM rating for “good” dust collection, that is one of the attractions of the larger DC’s. It’s rare for a shop vac to even give their CFM numbers.

It could also be a valid opinion that 2.5 inch and smaller should be on a shop vac. 2.5 and larger should be on a DC.

And not to be totally neutral, but I personally see this as a personal preference. For every person who has a HF style and loves it, you’re going to have someone defending the shop vac. I will only point out my shop vac is loud, it’s also from the 80’s. The larger ones although not quiet, are quieter than my shop vac. Both benefit from some sort of separator. If you have a shop vac already I would start experimenting there first.

If not it is a tough decision.
Hope that helps a bit.

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Rather than “could”, despite my extensive :roll_eyes: research I have a very limited understanding of the physics involved - but am led to believe that is pretty much a “should”.

That is exactly how my setup works. The smaller outlets work for chips but are almost useless at collecting the fine (dangerous) dust. (which is why some other form of airborne particle collection is useful)/

However… any form of collection is better than none IMHO

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