JDGreen's Dreamsicle Orange & White MPCNC

For once in my life I was not in a hurry to get this done.

I think I started printing and buying parts some time in May of this year. I finally have things working pretty well and wanted to share.

I can’t say thank you enough to Ryan for this great machine and to the rest of the forum for the great ideas.

Hopefully I can be helpful to others as well.

This is actually the 2nd MPCNC for me. The first one was one patch after another. Once the 25.4 mm J-version was released, I knew I had to make a new machine.

Some of my goals were to:

  1. make the machine very attractive
  2. use button head screws and flat head furniture nuts instead of normal hardware
  3. do an excellent job with wire management
  4. de-clutter by mounting the x-y endstops on the center section
  5. buy an actual DW660 for the spindle and use a superpid.com speed controller
  6. use terminal strips and aviation connectors for the wiring across the board
  7. make the electronics mounting as clean as I could
All the parts are printed on a Prusa i3 MK2 (fantastic printer) using WYZ Worx Fluorescent Orange or White PLA

I used a 0.2mm layer height (remember, I wasn’t in a hurry)

The controller is a mini RAMBo that I bought from the shop ran from a RasPi3.

Hopefully this group will enjoy what I’ve done and I can help others along the way.

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More pictures

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Fantastic build, love the hardware. Have you had any time to play with the IR sensor yet? I have used the aircraft connectors as well, I just hope I never fly in a plane that use them!

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Very nice build. It really shows how versatile the MPCNC is, and your MPCNC is very well though out.

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The IR probe works very well.

It is mounted on a bracket that can be snapped on to the z-axis 25.4mm vertical tubing and adjusted according to however long the cutting tool (or a certain height above a laser) is.

I don’t use it for machine control…mainly just playing around at this point.

I do intend to use the mesh bed levelling and the IR probe the establish how out of level the table is.

In case you didn’t know, I purchased this one from filastruder.com


Nice built, pretty clean.

Just a remark, it seems pretty high, so if I were you I would try to find a way to attach the frame to the wall, this way it wouldn’t wobble at all.

I like the endstops position, the screws you used look nice and I think that hanging the electronics on the wall is a pretty good idea, it makes the thing very accessible.

One thing really worries me though: it is way too clean, you need to get this thing filthy with dust ASAP!

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Cheers to that!!!

Looks great but it will look better with some dust on it!

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You are exactly right on both counts. I think I will drop it from 200mm to 100mm Z travel.

I can’t wait to get it dirty either!