Jackpot Workflow

This probably sounds goofy but I have searched and haven’t found it.

I’m hoping someone wouldn’t mind writing out their workflow for using the Jackpot?

I’m getting ready to build an LR3. I’ve had my Primo for a long time but I had a rambo board so it was basically like 3d printing as far as workflow. I would like to go to the jackpot mainly for cost and if I’m being honest, shiny and new. I think I understand the premise and I imagine building it will clear everything up but If I’m severely misunderstood I’m hoping to figure out now.

My understanding is:

  1. Create your cut file via whatever. i.e. Estlcam.
  2. That file can then be transferred to the board via a direct usb connection, over wifi, or old school plugging in the SD card.
  3. Using an android tablet, computer or something along those lines you log into the jackpot? I guess this is where I am confused. Do you plug a usb cable in and go to a specific address in a browser? Is it wireless? Is it an app?
  4. I assume once you’re there you can jog the machine to 0,0, square the machine, select the cut file, get your z height via touch plate and then cut the part all via whatever computer you are using?

Thanks in advance!


The Jackpot board as you get it will have the FluidNC firmware installed, and will broadcast a WiFi Access Point with the SSID FluidNC, Pass:12345678.

Connect to that and load the web page at if it doesn’t give it to you automatically through the captive portal.

The Web Page will look like this WebUI | Wiki.js

From there you can control the machine, run files, etc.

Uploading files to the SD card can be done directly through the web interface as well.

The workflow is not really any different except you connect to the interface with a web browser rather than seeing a screen on the machine.

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I asked a similar question here.

So this is how you would also routinely connect to it? Not just for setup purposes?
My shop does not have wifi yet, so at the moment connecting to that wifi isn’t a big deal, but in the future connected to 2 wifi’s wouldn’t work as far as I know? Meaning the board wifi signal and actual internet.

Correct. The WebUI is the permanent interface. Details at that link provided.

By default, and the method preferred here, is to have it run it’s own access point.

You can also configure it to connect to your wifi network, however, if you have issues it will be hard for people here to support you if you have connectivity problems. Alternatively, you can get a second USB network card (or something similar) and have your machine connected to 2 networks simultaneously, which should work as long as you give it a non-conflicting IP setup

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First glance it looks like the same question. Haven’t read all the way through but I’m with you on transferring the SD back and forth. Not a big deal at all, I do it now and my main computer is a laptop with a card reader so I’m really whining at this point hahaha

Roger that. So that’s pretty close to how I expected then. Seems quite reasonable but yet way better as I would rather have that Web UI than the skr screen. Transferring the SD card back and forth isn’t a big deal. Like I said in my other reply the shop wont have wifi for a bit so connecting it to internet wont happen right off the bat anyway. Sounds like a need a cheap android tablet or windows touch screen.

Probably best. I’ve seen some refurbished 8-10" tablets on Amazon for like $40. Likely what I’ll do long-term.

For now, I just use my phone, or drag an iPad or laptop out from the house.

If your computer is close enough to reach the access point, you only need to change connection for a minute, upload files, then change back. Then you can use the tablet next to the machine to run it, etc.

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Interesting. That’s pretty neat actually. So you can connect your phone, start the cut and then disconnect if you had to and it’ll just do its thing? I also have an ipad that doesn’t get used for much so that sitting out there while its running isn’t a bad way to go either.

So in the short term I think Im going to be airdropping files from my mac to my ipad. Connecting to the board, transfer the file, then run it from the web ui on the ipad. That sounds pretty dope.


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I have been able to run mine is STA mode which allows you to upload files from any device connected to your wifi network. This works for some and not others. I have had if fail to upload a few times and resorted to the SD card swap.

I likely will not be daring enough to give it a whirl. I start off tinkering and then I get to the point where I just want to rumble. Since no wifi in the shop at the moment. Definitely not worth the hassle. But that will be nice in the future!

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