Jackpot will allow multiple AP connections

Not a problem or anything, just a note. I moved one of my PC’s into the garage to ease file transfers to the board and quick gcode edits. After connecting, I decided to see if the board blocked out new connections and it was truly 1 to 1. And the answer is no. In AP mode the board connects to both my PC and my tablet at the same time and can be controlled by either one of them. Since the board appears to run instructions in the order they’re received I don’t anticipate an issue with receiving conflicting instructions as they’ll just get queued.

That used to be a problem, maybe the new version fixed that. :slightly_smiling_face:

The latest (in development) versions of the WebUI will detect a 2nd GUI connection and close the first.

Those hopefully will release soon.

If honestly isn’t an issue for me. Id make it an option instead of a default. As is i can work on my pc at the bench or at the machine with the tablet. It’s a good system for me.

It’s not within our control. It’s a 3rd party software. It’s actually 2 separate pieces of Open Source software, so aligning things is even a bit harder.

The reality, though, is that we saw more problems when people accidentally had multiple connections refreshing simultaneously anyway, so I think we are better off.

The page can be open on both, it will just disconnect the GRBL connection and show an overlay. It’s as easy as just pressing a button on the page and you swap control back to whichever device you want at the time.