Jackpot: Lowrider CNC Settings Config for Estlcam 12 Beta

I went through and input all the CNC Program Settings into Estlcam 12 Beta, by simply comparing side-by-side with Estlcam11 after importing the FluidNC.pp config file (From the Jackpot page.) Then I copied the Lowrider text commands from the page (of note, the config file linked on the page, start/stop code comment references pin 26, but comment in the code shown on the page references pin 27. AFAIK this won’t affect anything, just an inconsistency. I use a router, not a spindle anyway.)

Also I noticed in the FluidNC.pp config file downloaded from the Jackpot page, the Rapid Feed XY is set to 15000 and Rapid feed Z is set to 3000, which is different than my previous Marlin (LR2) settings of 2100 for XY / 480 for Z as shown here: EstlCAM Setup - V1 Engineering Documentation , so I’ll probably be on the safe side and set those to 2100/480 for my initial testing!

This file is exported by Estlcam 12.036_D64 (The December 4, 2023 build.)

MEGA CAVEAT/ USE AT YOUR OWN RISK: I have NOT tested this yet, but as far as I can tell it is equivalent to what’s on the page (at least it imports all of the settings correctly into version 12, and the gcode generated looks correct.) I intend to use v12 when I finish my LR3, because it has been working nicely on my LR2.
FluidNCv12UntestedLowrider.zip (1.0 KB)

Hey Just wondering how this (and v12) is working for you? I have an MPCNC, and wondering if I should try and make a similar file

I haven’t had any problems with v12 at all on my lowrider 3, in fact I have even used v11 at all.

This file is probably a little old, so to play it safe since he’s made a lot of changes, is be sure to double check all the settings after importing (assuming the file is still compatible)

I don’t have experience with the mpcnc or its configuration though, which will be different.