Jackpot fluidnc controller - lowrider versus mpcnc for my build

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I started several years ago with a Lowrider, but have had it parked for some time. To revive this project, I have taken the same xyz axis configuration, but implemented with v-slot (aluminum) extrusions and universal gantry plates. Specifically, I have two 1500mm x-axis, one 1000mm y-axis, and two 350mm z-axis linear actuators made from C-Beam extrusions driven by 8mm lead screws. Currently, I have therefore 5 nema 17 stepper motors. I like the concept of the Jackpot FluidNC controller. I can therefore start with the Neam 17 motors, but upgrade if needed, to Nema 23 steppers. Based on this machine, which version of the firmware (Lowrider or MPCNC) is the preferred option?

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Update to inquiry:
MPCNC = X, Y, Z, X2(A), Y2(B)
LR = X, Y, Z, Y2(A), Z2(B)

So it appears the LR (Lowrider) firmware is what I want. Anyone care to comment?

Correct, the LR firmware is a good place for your to start, but obviously you are going to need to edit it to suit all of your changes and hardware.

Thanks for the quick reply!

If I want to add end stops for the machine I am building, dual x, one y and dual z axes, what do you recommend? Are they easy to add into the Jackpot?

This is what I am using: Limit Switch, Endstop – V1 Engineering Inc

Yes, they are very easy to install and connect to the Jackpot.

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Hi Britt - thanks for your reply. Do you recommend one stop for each end of each of the axes? Or just X and Y?

Another question to the forum. I want to cut hardwood, for example to make an electrical guitar body / neck. But also machine aluminum, say to make parts for a bicycle. Does anyone have experience with Nema 17 steppers that integrate a planetary gear to increase the torque (but of course, to limit the speed). Adding planetary gear would be an alternative to upgrading to Nema 23 steppers. The benefit of the planetary gear route would be that drivers can stay the same. Since cutting hard material will require slower speeds anyway, the gear reduction ratio affect on speed may not be such a serious tradeoff except for travelling between cuts.

Stepper size is not the issue with milling metals, the frame/system rigidity is (in not pro-cast iron machines). Giant 3ton machines require giant motors to move them at a decent acceleration.

If you look at my videos I was milling aluminum 9 years ago with a considerably lesser machine with tiny tiny 17’s taken from a old import 3D printer.

OK - then I have what I need to know to make an order - thanks!

I have an MPCNC not a LowRider.
From what I’ve seen others state, they have endstops on all axes for the LowRider.
@vicious1 can tell you more about what you need for the LowRider.

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