Jackpot config pwm

Using stock config file minus the #’s in the pwm section my gpio 27 isn’t activating in the webui under commands m3sxxxx or spindle on/off on webui
Even voltmeter shows nothing after m3

Welcome to the V1e forum Shayne.

Here is my config.yaml setting for my laser:

  pwm_hz: 5000
  output_pin: gpio.27
  enable_pin: NO_PIN
  disable_with_s0: false
  s0_with_disable: true
  tool_num: 0
  speed_map: 0=0.000% 255=100.000%
  off_on_alarm: true

I hope that helps.

I used the section below that for a spindle just removed the # symbols not sure if there’s something I’m missing but now for your laser did you have to take the # off of 5v out line of code at the bottom?

No, I did not.
Sorry that didn’t help you.

It’s ok. I appreciate you trying to help I’m just lost as to what the issue is at this point

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The stock firmware as I ship it has the outputs set to the WebUI buttons. If you want to use them with M3 you will need to do some editing.

What exactly are you trying to do?

A message came through into spam, can you repeat it in the forums please. You can’t reply to emails directly.

Yes where I’m confused is my webui buttons don’t work at all. Which is why I ended up trying simple m3 command at this point I guess my question is there a line of code I must use to enable that gpio to function before I can use Webui or m3 commands?

What firmware is on your board? $SS in the terminal.

You are trying my Macro Buttons? The 12-24V is tied to the mist and the other button.

You still have not said what you are trying to do. Without anything plugged into the 5V outputs when you use my two macro buttons (each have an on and an off) do the LEDs come on and off?

I’m trying to use gpio27 to control a pwm spindle I have step up converter to convert that signal to 10v.

Have you looked at this? https://www.tindie.com/products/33366583/0-10v-spindle-cnc-io-module/

That would go in the expansion port on the jackpot to control your spindle. I have an RS485 in the same slot controlling the VFD for my spindle. Some can do the RS485 and others need the 0-10v

When you use my on macro’s what does it say in the terminal?

And to answer your question to lights going on and off no lights coming on and off how ever I will say this whether it matters or not so I tried to push in pin 27 on the esp32 convinced it was a potential connection issue. The 5v light came on and spindle fired up stayed running as long as I touched it? I’m a machinist by trade but I love to learn and a challenge but this has me scratching my head

There are 4 outputs, all are on buttons, do any of the other three work?

Make sure your other board is not connected.

This is from the $ss command coolant and mist work however 26, and 27 did not. I get an error message for spindle error 20

That is “unsupported Gcode” Sounds like you might have edited the firmware at some point. I suggest updating all the files and using 3.7.18. Jackpot CNC Controller - V1 Engineering Documentation make sure to use the “wipe” option in the webinstaller.

Whoops for clarification here is the error:

$G is not right, what did you hit to make that happen?

That was either spindle forward stop or reverse I’m at work now sorry for late responses

No my macro buttons on the side that are different colors.

The ones that say26, 27 on off.