Jackpot cnc controller, port b not working

HI All,

I have a new jackpot CNC controller board I am from in the UK and I have problems with it I don’t want to send it back as took so long to get here.

the issue when I first powered Port B (Z2) did nothing.

So I swapped out the driver from Z (working Port ) thinking maybe a dead controller anyway and still nothing.

I tested the driver from Port B (Z2) in port Z and nothing so i know its a dead driver iI have ordered a new one but port B is not doing anything even with a working driver Could this be a dead port and if so can I change the config to tell use port c as my new (Z2) and how would I do this Thanks in advance.

Hello Stephen. Welcome to the V1 community.

What a bummer that you have a board that isn’t working right.

There’s some more troubleshooting that we can do.

Can you power up your board with all 5 drivers installed, then send the following command from the terminal and report what it says ?


It might also be helpful if you can post high resolution pictures of the front and back of your jackpot board, and also the TMC2209 that isn’t working for you.

It is possible to change your config.yaml to re-define Z2 for the final driver location, but before we attempt that, it would be good to get the diag info from the command above so we can be sure there aren’t other issues with your board or config.


Hi yes im.ĵust out at momment where wpuld i type that commad

Download the newest version of Fluidnc here: Releases · bdring/FluidNC · GitHub
Then unstuff it and you will see fluidterm.
Connect your computer to the Jackpot with a USB cable and open fluidterm.
Then you can type $SS in the terminal.

If you’re using the web UI , you probably have the classic (version 2 WebUI- what ships with FluidNC)
In that case, you can send commands from the section I highlighed below (Much easier than fluidterm if you’re already using the WebUI)

Depending on your browser and screen size, that section may appear in different places in your browser.

If you’re not using the web UI, then you’ll need to use fluidterm as @Britt notes.

hi this is what i get with the faulty driver i dont have the micro switches attached yet

when i press y both spin, z the gantry goes left and right but when i press x only one side raises

[MSG:INFO: FluidNC v3.7.15 https://github.com/bdring/FluidNC]]
[MSG:INFO: Compiled with ESP32 SDK:v4.4.4]]
[MSG:INFO: Local filesystem type is littlefs]]
[MSG:INFO: Configuration file:config.yaml]]
[MSG:INFO: Machine LowRider]]
[MSG:INFO: Board Jackpot TMC2209]]
[MSG:INFO: UART1 Tx:gpio.0 Rx:gpio.4 RTS:NO_PIN Baud:115200]]
[MSG:INFO: I2SO BCK:gpio.22 WS:gpio.17 DATA:gpio.21]]
[MSG:INFO: SPI SCK:gpio.18 MOSI:gpio.23 MISO:gpio.19]]
[MSG:INFO: SD Card cs_pin:gpio.5 detect:NO_PIN freq:20000000]]
[MSG:INFO: Stepping:I2S_static Pulse:4us Dsbl Delay:0us Dir Delay:1us Idle Delay:255ms]]
[MSG:INFO: User Digital Output:0 on Pin:gpio.26]]
[MSG:INFO: User Digital Output:1 on Pin:gpio.27]]
[MSG:INFO: Axis count 3]]
[MSG:INFO: Axis X (0.000,1220.000)]]
[MSG:INFO:   Motor0]]
[MSG:INFO:     tmc_2209 UART1 Addr:0 CS:NO_PIN Step:I2SO.2 Dir:I2SO.1 Disable:I2SO.0 R:0.110]]
[MSG:INFO:  X Neg Limit gpio.25]]
[MSG:INFO: Axis Y (0.000,2440.000)]]
[MSG:INFO:   Motor0]]
[MSG:INFO:     tmc_2209 UART1 Addr:1 CS:NO_PIN Step:I2SO.5 Dir:I2SO.4 Disable:I2SO.7 R:0.110]]
[MSG:INFO:  Y Neg Limit gpio.33]]
[MSG:INFO:   Motor1]]
[MSG:INFO:     tmc_2209 UART1 Addr:3 CS:I2SO.14 Step:I2SO.13 Dir:I2SO.12 Disable:I2SO.15 R:0.110]]
[MSG:INFO:  Y2 Neg Limit gpio.35]]
[MSG:INFO: Axis Z (-300.000,0.000)]]
[MSG:INFO:   Motor0]]
[MSG:INFO:     tmc_2209 UART1 Addr:2 CS:NO_PIN Step:I2SO.10 Dir:I2SO.9 Disable:I2SO.8 R:0.110]]
[MSG:INFO:  Z Pos Limit gpio.32]]
[MSG:INFO:   Motor1]]
[MSG:INFO:     tmc_2209 UART1 Addr:3 CS:I2SO.19 Step:I2SO.18 Dir:I2SO.17 Disable:I2SO.16 R:0.110]]
[MSG:INFO:  Z2 Pos Limit gpio.34]]
[MSG:INFO: X Axis driver test passed]]
[MSG:INFO: Y Axis driver test passed]]
[MSG:INFO: Y2 Axis driver test passed]]
[MSG:INFO: Z Axis driver test passed]]
[MSG:ERR: Z2 Axis TMC driver not detected - expected 0x21 got 0x0]]
[MSG:INFO: Kinematic system: Cartesian]]
[MSG:INFO: Using spindle NoSpindle]]
[MSG:INFO: Flood coolant gpio.2]]
[MSG:INFO: Mist coolant gpio.16]]
[MSG:INFO: Probe Pin: gpio.36:low]]
[MSG:INFO: STA SSID is not set]]
[MSG:INFO: AP SSID FluidNC IP mask channel 1]]
[MSG:INFO: AP started]]
[MSG:INFO: WiFi on]]
[MSG:INFO: Captive Portal Started]]
[MSG:INFO: HTTP started on port 80]]
[MSG:INFO: Telnet started on port 23]]

Your board is not able to communicate with the UART on the Z2 position TMC driver.

Can we get high-res pictures of your jackpot board, front and back?
What version of jackpot is printed on it?

i have tested that driver in the z port and does not work i have a replacement driver on the way for that.

Have you swapped the Y2/Z2 TMC2209s and shown that the TMC2209 from the Y2 position works OK in the Z2 position?

Said differently, what does $SS report when you’ve swapped the Y2/Z2 drivers?

You still haven’t answered what revision of Jackpot you received.
I keep asking because there are nuances- and fixes- for things that affected certain combinations of Jackpot/ESP-32s.

Also, did you happen to order a USB-C ESP-32?

Pictures would likely help me help you.

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hi sorry not replied not at home at moment but will send on all i have done and pictures

These are best i can get.

Just so qe are on same page

When all 5 pluged in the step motor in b socket nothing i swapped the driver from b ro z and step motor in z dont work so dead driver. But if i put any other driver in b still the step motor dont work.

I have a new driver on way. But have no idea b dont work even with a working driver from z

Thanks for posting a driver picture. I"d still like to see the Jackpot itself.

That’s why I keep asking to see the $SS output from each test configuration you have. It provides meaningful debug information for trying to help troubleshoot your issue.

Even when your replacement TMC driver arrives, I’ll still want to see the $SS output as that tells us what FluidNC sees (or doesn’t see) when it boots up.

The solution to this might be dependent on the version of the Jackpot you have. This sounds a lot like the behavior mine exhibited. Have you tried using B without a driver in A? If that works, then I’d bet your board needs the resistor. Pretty simple and quick to add if that’s the problem.

Ryan @vicious1 can tell with high res pictures of the top and bottom of the Jackpot.

Swap the 2209 drivers from port A and B, Run $ss again and let us see it. Make sure all of your pins are in each socket, push the drivers straight in, take note if one feels different than the other.

The board was tested for this exact situation, so it was working when it left.

I need a picture of your Jackpot as wired, top and bottom, please.

I have an idea of what could be happening but I need to see the board itself.

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Thank you for you help so far just want to get it working im quite new to this i have 3 3d printers and lazer cutter so not complely new but wanted to get a cnc up and running lol.

I will send the test comands when i get chance of both tests

Your heat sinks are installed 90 degrees off. I wonder if you shorted the pins on the bad stepper. Post a picture of the top of the bad one too.

they do fit either way but the angles are making me nervous as well.

Please make sure your heatsink has not made contact with the pins on your bad driver, and please send the $ss we requested with the drivers swapped around. The driver can possibly go bad but the port should not.

You have the newest board and esp, no issues there.