Jackpot board random questions

The jackpot board seems to work well…but there are aspects of it I don’t understand

I get a low of error codes and i have no idea what they mean. Where is a resource for these codes.

The probe button shows the probe setup in mm. How do I change it to inches? I know how to specify G20 and G21 but they don"t seem to have any effect on the probe units.

How can I find out what the Macros do?

Some answers to these questions will help me along with understanding and using the board better/


What machine are you running? Are you running with Ryan’s config on one of the V1 machines?

Post what your errors are and maybe we can help.

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You can figure out what the macros do by using the FluidNC tab’s file browser, while connected via Wi-Fi from a computer, and download the macro files, whose names end with .G, and open them in a text editor. If the Gcode doesn’t have a comment beside it, letting you know what it does, you can Google that Gcode number to find out what it does.

Lets start here!

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The most common errors are #2 and #3. I have no doubt that the errors are the result of my pushing any and all buttons to see what happens. If I knew what the error code meant it would help with my learning.

I can use the board but i am curious and prone to experiment.

I’m using a home built (MPCNC) on a Jackpot supplied by Ryan . Love the board and can use it without too many issues but I am really curious on how to use all aspects.

I would say think of it the other way. Does it do what you need? There is nothing special, I added those buttons to test the boards when I flash them.

I do all my work with Gcodes, nothing special, I hit go and all my homing and probing and everything is just as it shows in the instructions. Adding more steps is a recipe for failure.

I agree. I don’t need more steps. I’m just trying to understand what is there to use. I also want to make sure I’m not missing something that is important.

Since building the MPCNC I have learned a lot, from the forum and by trying different things. My learning continues but I have a long way to go. There are many posts in the forum that are completely beyond my understanding!

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Well, pretty soon V3 of the interface will be ready and that will make everything easier / better including the macro buttons.

If you ever start doing something a lot, then we can help you make a macro for it. For example I park my machine when I am done. Currently, I just have a saved gcode for it. I will probably save that as a macro, it is simply, home Z, then X, then Y and then move z -75 and power down.

Another fun thing to do is connect your router or vacuum with an SSR and then those buttons could come in handy to turn them on for a moment. I have mine connected and my code starts and stops my router.