Jackpot board install on JL1 laser

If you plan on using lightburn this is the default and seamless. Probably the easiest part of the whole thing.


I am in the process of installing a Bdring TMC2209 Pen/Laser board on my JL1, but my old JL1 board was working fine. Send my you address and I’ll send it to you.



Thanks @mbamberg!! One of the many reasons why I hang around this community! Many giving of their time and knowledge, and spare parts to help everyone out!!

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Thank you, I have a working JL1 again. That point about the DTR in LightBurn was the final tweak, after bringing all you stepper values into my yaml.

I have a more powerful laser now and have a bunch of testing to do with all my materials.

If anyone else tries to upgrade a JL1 with the current version of the FluidNC Pen/Laser TMC2209 board, I have a working yaml for them. It is not the same as the Jackpot, so it’s not one for the V1 repository.

Thanks again,


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I have the older version of that board. I haven’t switched it from GRBL-ESP32 to FluidNC yet but I want to. I think I have a working config.yaml for it.

@mbamberg You’re welcome! I’m glad you’re up and running.

@vicious1 - the DTR thing in lightburn is something I suspect lots of folks will encounter. There should be a note somewhere prominent in the jackpot board documentation about that.

Do you have notes about your switching the JL1 over to a higher output module?
I’m sure documenting that in its own thread would be useful in general and for JL1 owners in particular.

I may do that on the LightBurn forum. If there is interest on the V1 forum I’ll do it here too.

If you document that over on the LightBurn forum, then at least post a link in this thread pointing to it.

Isn’t that a step in the lightburn instructions? I am fairly certain it is. I can make another note as well.