Jackpot Board/Fluid NC Can't connect via WIFI after $Wifi/Mode=off command and powercycle

Hello I used the $Wifi/Mode=off command so I could connect to Light burn via USB and after power cycle cannot reconnect to Fluid NC via WiFi, it does not show up in my internet network settings any more.

$Wifi/Mode=off command tells it not start the AP or connect to a local network, so it is doing what you told it to do.

You will need to connect to it with USB and issue the $Wifi/Mode=AP command to get the FluidNC AP back

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I did the same thing on my jackpot for my laser. Thanks @Michael_Melancon for posting that incase I ever need it again lol

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Shoot I need to change the instructions.

Mine would boot back to AP mode after a power cycle. I will test this today and revise the instructions if needed.

$Wifi/Mode=off should be essentially the same thing as going to the config tab in the Web UI and changing the combobox to “Off”, then clicking save, if I understand it correctly.

Those settings should persist between boots


Pardon my ignorance but why would using a laser require disabling the wifi?

It doesn’t require it at all. But I chose to run mine over USB from Lightburn so I didn’t need the wifi anymore. By turning it off i hoped to save a little overhead on the ESP32

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Yes, you can gain a little bit extra dots per second that way. I should test it again since there has been some reworking done by Jamie and FluidNC on the memory side of things since I last tested.

But this only really comes into play with high speed, high resolution raster with a stronger laser.

What he’s saying @Jonathjon is to quit playing around with that wimpy laser of yours and get off your butt and build a real one :grin:

(a well documented one, with pictures, of course :slight_smile: )

I’ll send you pics and let you handle the documentation. I’m way too adhd for that mess lol