Jackpot 5 driver on eBay


Really??? A blue one and your just gonna throw it on ebay like that??? You could have just sent me an invoice for full price and I would have paid it LOL

it is missing a driver??

How about this. Bid on it and I bet you get it for dirt cheap. If you do not win, I will swap that out for a black one and I will get you the blue one.

I knew I should have let you know…

I have stacks of random boards and parts around here I am cleaning shop!

Listing a full built LR as well. (its all blue… I even have a set of AL struts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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So they don’t want the blue lr3 after all?

What would I get in a $20 grab bag of clearance stuff if you listed it on your site?

Its not THOSE struts is it?? Those were painted red LOL

And? I dont run a 4th axis on anything. Not yet anyways.

I bid before I ever commented LOL. Will look real good on a 3d printer with all blue printed parts… And I dont need the 6th driver for that either with the EBB36 having a 2209 for the extruder :crazy_face:

No worries at all. But you had to know I would give you :poop: for it LOL

a little less.

Nope confirmation this morning.

I am going to keep dropping stuff on ebay. I will combine shipping and you can have everything you want.

I can change that…actually that might be a cool auction. I will give the money back to you, instead fo rebuilding mine I rather make an LR4…


I swear I thought about emailing you…

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Do you want it or are you just ball parking? If you want it DM me

Not at all worried about that. Consider it a late Merry Christmas since you wouldn’t let me pay for my jackpot repair LOL

I’m encouraging you not to you sell yourself short. You got the all the parts + labor into it. It’s a good test to see if a fully assembled machine sells but you can’t make less than selling the parts separately.

We need pics!!

I have an invoice for it I need to find. I think it might have been $1200 with shipping and that was cutting myself a bit short of assembly, that that is because it is custom . I have full plugs on both sides so the side plates come off. Can’t really charge for that.

I will post pics asap.

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That‘s a shame… Didn‘t they ask you for it? If yes, you should be reimbursed…

Does this mean they are no longer making the router?

Well it means Kobalt did not pick it up. Seems when these went on sale so did another major brand for the same price so any hopes of it bought because it was less expensive went away. Seems it was either bad timing or the other brand was being proactive.
They still could get picked up by other brands…fingers crossed.

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