Jackpot 24v, laser and starting questions

Okay I am getting ready to hookup my jackpot to the Lr3 got a couple of questions.

First I have a 24v power supply I plan on using. Is there any settings or anything I need to change before I power the board with 24v?

Second is the laser. Gpio 27 is recommended. I only need to hook up the pwm to the 27 positive and negative if I’m using external power for laser right?

Third is my current steppers we’re determined that they needed a little extra juice to get the same power output. How will I adjust the drivers on the jackpot.

Fourth when squaring the machine do I need to make sure all the bearings on the rail side are touching or just until I get the diagonal close no matter the bearings (was going to ask this question before but kept getting side tracked)

Fifth and final question I still need to surface about half my spoilboard, should I do that before or after I install the jackpot? I need to get the machine swapped and laser working well as efficiently as I can as I’m going to have a time sensitive project(s) coming up. Any and all help is always appreciated


No. You you need to make sure you have enough, or the right power supply for both if not you need to tie the negatives together. The jackpot is not going to power your laser unless it is small.

The yaml file or the webUI. both have current adjustments, just remember to save your changes.

The electronics have no effects on the bearings. If your bearings are not touching, you need to look into that. You can just use the homing offsets to muscle your build into square just tlike you did with M666, on the jackpot it is called offset. Yaml or webui, save settings.

After…it actually doesnt matter.

Sorry, think I worded or didn’t clarify enough on this. My intention is to use a dedicated power supply for the laser (12v 6A; the jackpot will have its own 24v power supply) I am only wanting to use the gpio for the communication. perhaps gpio is the wrong one for this?

here is the diagram that my laser gives me

Thank you for answering everything!