It's possible assign new function in keypad

Hi, I have a keypad wireless (with a dongle) and I would like to use it with estlcam for controll my MPCNC without wiring. I saw that I can assign the axis moviment, the speed, and other functions provided by the program.
It is possible to assign new functions not foreseen in the Keyboard tab of estlcam ? I would like assigne to the key 5 the “XYZ ZERO” and in the addiction key the Z probe function, it’s possible?
If yes, how I must to do?
thanks and ciao

Do you have a physical emergency stop button (or other quick method for killing it) on your machine?

I always worry about folks using wireless techologies for machine control mechanisms. When things are going bad, I don’t want to have any question that I can tell the machine to “stop right now, no kidding!” and I don’t have that kind of trust in Bluetooth or WiFi.

Hi Tom, yes I have a physical emergency stop button that cutoff the power at all MPCNC (stepper, spinner and cnc shield), easily accessible.

I would like to use the wireless keyboard only to position the tool correctly over the workpiece, since the PC screen is on the side of the MPCNC and, if I look at the monitor, I do not see the MPCNC table well.
With a wireless keyboard, instead, I can move the carriage of the MPCNC without look the monitor, that’s why I would like to program on the keyboard as many commands as possible.

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Everyone needs to manage their own level of risk acceptance. I just wanted to get the idea out there that having only wireless control doesn’t seem to me to be adequate.

I’m not using ESTLCAM at the moment, so I have no insight on assigning additional control keys.

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try autohotkey

Thanks Noxx, I don’t know this software.
But how I should assign a command of Estlcam to a key of the keypad?
How can Autokey say at estlcam that when I press the key 5 of the keypad estlcam must reset to zero the XYZ axis?

Thanks and bye

Look in the Sample Page, perhaps this helps top Unterstand this Tool