It's not a failure!

My wife and a friend conspired to get me a MPCNC for Christmas. She knew what I wanted and he has a 3D printer. The makergeeks Sun punch yellow looked like dealt yellow online.

Nice, so close. Wires directly int the rail…classy.


It’s a great until you want to shrink or expand it. The next project will be to run 1/2" EMT through the center rails and fill the space between with micro balloon impregnated epoxy. I would like to have a 24x48 cut area.

The 1/2" EMT is just going to bump the weight up without doing very much to the stiffness. It’s better to keep the weight down instead. 2’x4’ is really better suited to the Low Rider, but it’ll likely work well enough unless you get crazy with hard material or high speeds. :wink:

I have been looking at the low rider but material thickness is a concern. This tree slab was 3" thick, I would like to be able to go up to 6" if need be.

You are likely better off building a drop table to handle thicker material. Your maximum cut depth is going to be dictated by the bit length and by the rigidity of the Z axis. You can keep things really rigid by using as short of a Z as the bit length requires, plus a bit for clearance. If you just drop your spoil board down a bit you can put nice thick material in yet still keep the depth of cut that works best.


Are you talking about a drop table for the lowrider or the mpcnc?