It's dead Jim

Good bye primo, recycling into a lowrider.


The Longest Johns are fire.

Yeah, the LR is great! :slight_smile:


Well, last year I printed all the Primo parts (and bought the needed hardware stuff), in order to update my Burly, but did nothing since then, LR3 still gets my eyes and I can’t decide wich direction I’ll go :face_with_peeking_eye:

I had some fun with the primo but could never get the core dialed in. I’d have it sitting firm and then it’s all wiggly again the next time I checked it. I reprinted the core 3 or 4 times, different machines, and I always had the same issues. I never pushed it hard but it was just not right. When I was pulling it apart I found every one of the tube holding straps was broken where they bend into the truck. It’s not a stressed part so I’m not sure how I managed that, but it would explain a couple issues, just not the core.

The way the LR is built looks to me to be a more robust design. I’m hoping it is. This is a hobby machine for me, but the hobby was not always fun when the machine was having issues.

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Sounds like maybe you were close the clamp, rather than just grip the tube…

From the docs:

  • Snug up the Truck Clamps.
  • There is a gap here, same as the clamping parts. Do not try to close the gap.
  • No need to stop the rails from rotating but there should be resistance.

For all the noise we make about rigidity and the like, the machines really take a light hand to build.

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This one’s a mystery, because they were just ‘snug’ you could spin the tubes without needing much force at all. Visibly, they all looked fine but all 4 were actually broken right at the crease/angle/bend, however you call it. All 4 were still holding the tubes, but I believe it was just the screw holding everything together.

In any case, not an issue going forward. My linear rails should be here in the next day or so, I had to order more screws since the LR uses more of the little guys than the primo did. But I’m assembling what I can so it can go forward pretty quick. My build will be on the small side for the LR. I don’t need full sheets I just need consistency in my life :laugh:

That is 100% fine. There is no rotational force or lateral force on the tubes at all. That is why the instructions say do not worry about it. The tubes are up/down/front/back bending supports only.

Okay, now, same deal. The tubes can spin, do not crank down the braces or you will make things now work well. Always start looser than you think and only add more if you need to for some reason, which you should not.

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