It starts! Soon a new MPCNC in WA State

Hi I’m new here. I’ve become very fascinated with the MPCNC and after having my own 3d printer for the last couple of years I thought what the heck.


Today I ordered a bunch of SS tubing and 608-RS bearings. I have a pretty nice 6x4’ spot in the garage that I built a few years ago but has been relegated to acculating crap. Eventually I will box this in and have the machine behind clear lexan panels. All printed parts will be printed in PETG and I’m going for a 24-36" usable area.


Well I can’t wait to start putting this together and I will keep this thread updated as I go along!


PS, Here is a link to the gallery with original images:



That is pretty big for a beginner. All your settings have to much more perfect to work at that size.


I’m along with Ryan on this, but I’d suggest going ahead and cutting your tubing to match your eventual build needs, but assembling with it about half that size. Do all your testing and the initial learning with the smaller build then expand out if you find you need to. It’s so much easier to deal with the extra rigidity of the smaller builds. To expand all you will need to do is replace the belts and slide the corners and ends out on their tubes.