Is this $188 laptop too good to be true?

As the title says… seemed super sus that you can choose between 16 and 64GB ram and 1 or 2TB ssd without any change in pricing:

I don’t need one right now anyways, but my dad needs to replace his ancient HP laptop with something more modern. Not sure this is worth the risk, but figured someone here may know better.

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Seriously What?

I don’t need it but for that price I feel like I should get it just to be able to hand it to the next friend that asks for a recommendation. (I am the computer geek of the bunch).

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There is something wrong with the item. All the prices being the same, similar specs to $1000 laptops. You cannot even purchase the graphics card in that machine for that price. I just made the purchase just to see. With Amazon backing it up, I don’t feel there is much risk. If it works out, thanks for the link!

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Dang I clicked buy and it says no longer available.

Sorry. The purchase went through, but I suspect it will be cancelled.

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The listing shows $1,349.00 when I click the link.

At best, someone fat fingered a number and they won’t let them ship those for $180. At worst, it is a scam, or a bootleg item. The seller has one review and it was more than 6 months ago. It direct ships from the seller, in China.

I think it is more likely to be a scam. But there is something else funny going on, because I can see it, but not out it in my cart.

The order was canceled. Here is the message I received:

We are writing in relation to your Amazon com order #[redacted].

We wanted to inform you that the seller of your order is no longer
active on Amazon com and we have canceled your order.

If you wish to purchase a new item, please place a new order directly on Amazon com.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Customer Service

Amazon com

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Amazon seller rating 79% positive. Sounds pretty poor.

Some of the reviews on page 1:

I figured this would turn out like this. Work pushed me out the door before I had time to flip a coin on attempting a purchase. I had the same mindset as Robert; worst case they hold $188 for a week, best case a laptop shows up in about a month. I have $188 I could play with… but looks like Rob is the only one in. I hope you get it!

That wasn’t the seller I saw for $180. It was a huge string of characters. There was only one review and it was a long time ago.

Amazon seems to have moved pretty quickly to direct the link to some other vendor…