Is there a step by step instruction manual or video?

Is there a step by step manual or video showing how to build the LowRider? The thought of buying a bunch of parts and my wife watching me suffer through a build and commenting that it was a total waste of money because I can’t figure it out is something I would like to avoid if possible.


There is no true instruction manual. There are guides on the website that help. The forum is your best chance to success as most questions can be answered. Also, on YouTube a guy named Some old guy coding has posted several videos which are fairly comprehensive.

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Start here, and tell me what I need to clarify. I only include more details if I am asked to clarify. So far no one has asked for more.

That’s a totally rational fear. :slight_smile: . My wife can’t help herself, even though she’s seen me spend time on something, struggling, then happy, and proud when it’s done, she sometimes says, “so?” or “That looks very utilitarian” or “Does it do anything useful?”… So I have to find my pride elsewhere. That’s another great use of these forums :D.

(This is very tongue in cheek, my wife is generally very supportive. Especially if it impresses the kids).

In all seriousness, The instructions/pics from Ryan are a great start, and the forums will help you if you find a pitfall, but there will be some work needing to be done on your side. Nothing is rocket surgery, but a positive attitude is pretty useful, and some problem solving skills are useful. I guess I only see the problems people have, since I am in these forums all the time. Maybe 99% of the people just whiz through it. Maybe 99% of the people just are too afraid to ask for help, IDK.

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