Is the Knob on the LCD a button?

I think I am close to finishing my build of the LR2. I’ve built my table, and assembled the hardware and plugged in the electronics.

I have had difficulty finding information about the LCD. I can turn the knob and that seems to work, but I cannot figure out how to do anything else (besides hitting the reset button). I saw a video of someone using the knob as a button, but when I press the knob nothing happens. If it helps I have uploaded a video showing this:

Is the knob suppose to be a button too? If so, what could be wrong and how do I fix this? If not, how do I make selections on the LCD?

Yes, the knob is a button. Either:

  1. the knob is interfering. You can pull it straight of and try just the metal part of the knob.
  2. something is wrong with your lcd. Everything is independent, so it’s possible a bad solder on the lcd would leave the button broken and everything else fine.
  3. a wire between the lcd and the controller is broken. This seems like the least likely. But you could inspect the wires.
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Thanks! I’ll give those a try when I get home from work tonight.

Make sure there’s clearance under the knob.

I had the same problem. I ended up throwing the knob away and I just turn the metal end of the potentiometer.

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It was the knob! Knob removed, problem solved. One step further. Thanks for your comments!