Is it possible to source a "flipped" 10 pin display ribbon?

This is my first post and I did search for an hour before asking. I’m working on getting the RedRapDiscount display to work with a Rambo 1.4. I would have preferred to buy from Ryan but he is out of stock and so I’m solving problems that he already solved.

I think that I’m hitting the problem with the 10 pin ribbon connector needs to be flipped. Red wire needs to be on the left side. I tried to disassemble the connectors and…yes they broke into many pieces.

I can order the connectors but would prefer to buy them with the 10 pin (red) already flipped. I tried Amazon but nada.

You can remove the shroud on the board and just leave the pins. The black plastic slides of of the metal pins. It is only half on with friction.

I take my flush trim cutters and just cut off the key.

It seems like the suppliers just put the connectors on randomly. I’m not sure how to specify which version to buy.

I guess that one could even remove the shrouds and flip them around. Thanks for the help.

Not quite. They match them so that both sides are the same. Put the other side on and the red stripe will be the other way, but it will still be wrong because the main board doesn’t match the LCD.

So far as I know you cannot buy a cable that has the keys mismatched on the other end.

I cut the keys off, because I had MKS LCD screens, which are keyed opposite almost everyone else’s. Probably could have just pulled the shield off and swapped it.