Is it possible to make a ZenXY table of this shape?

Hi. Nice to meet you all and feel so lucky to find this community.
I’m planning to make a zenxy table. But I’m someone who doesn’t even have any engineering knowledge.
The size of the table I want is circular, and its diameter is 900mm.

All the tables I’ve researched so far have thick bezels, but I’m aiming to make them thin
Is my plan feasible?

I’d appreciate some help if possible. (I’d appreciate it if you could understand because my native language is not English and there might be some wrong words.)

I expect it to have this kind of shape

Hi. Its doable. Just do a quick search here for “SCARA TABLE” ITS A POLAR BASED ARM. Good luck

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Not the ZenXY. It is cartesian and rectangular.

There are smaller open source polar machines. I haven’t seen any open source designs that are polar and that large. It is possible (sisyphus sells a very big table).

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thank u for all the answers! i will upload the progress.

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