Is it LowRider?

Or something else?
At least it works and I like it :slight_smile:

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Beautiful build!

Need more pictures!!!

+1 for more details and pictures. It looks pretty sweet. And pretty clean. Does it work?

It works perfectly - at least an angle error is less 0.1 degree (angle - is problem for MPCNC)
And more photos:

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sorry for my english it s not my natural language, i’m french.
i’ve seen your lowrider and i expect to use the same parkside rouder (1st picture) i expect 1st using the ‘linear motion’ of the router on the Z axis.
is there a reason why you didnt use them?
is it possible to ha ve a view of the mont you use for the router?
thanks every body for showing and explaining all your work
as soon i received all my components i ll show you my version of low rider using old alloy profile hope it ll works as well as yours
thanks again

Hi Richard,
I have 2 spindle options - Parkside router and Parkside rotary tool :slight_smile:

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I didn’t understand your question about Z axis - machine uses 2 stepper for Z axis in both side, like Prusa 3D printer.

[youtube]minimax - parkside router spindle - YouTube

[youtube]Milled/printed CNC "Minimax" - YouTube

thanks for the video i was speaking of the base of router with spring and columns that you take off the router
i ll try to use it first as Z axis
what kind of bit do you use
are you satisfied of the parkside router or do you prefer the other parkside tool

Router is too powerful, noisy, dusty and power hungry. I prefer to use rotary tool with 2…3mm corn end mill for plywood.

thanks for all the information i m continuing studying this project
and a great thanks again